SILENT SCREAMS - Physical Album

SILENT SCREAMS - Physical Album

  1. Crashing

  2. Life

  3. To My Surprise

  4. Silent Screams (feat. Rob Beckley)

  5. Runaway

  6. Unfinished Memories

  7. Hands of Time

  8. Significant

  9. Saving Grace

  10. Goodbye

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Silent Screams is Eowyn's 4th album, featuring hard hitting guitars and industrial undertones. It was written to encourage those who been ensnared by depression, insecurities, anger or loneliness to cry out for help from Jesus Christ and from others. "It breaks my heart to see people hurting. I can't help but cry, because I understand what they are going through, and I truly know how they find hope again! ~ Eowyn