BEAUTIFUL ASHES - Physical Album

BEAUTIFUL ASHES - Physical Album

  1. You Had To

  2. Beautiful Ashes

  3. More Than Yesterday

  4. Fail-Safe

  5. Dream

  6. Cliche

  7. Burning Pages

  8. Alive

  9. All I Need

  10. The Music Box

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Beautiful Ashes is Eowyn's 5th album and is filled with industrial blend of electronics, strings and pounding guitars. The songs range from heart felt ballads to explosive anthems. "The purpose behind this album is to encourage others that God is a restorer of hope and that He is a restorer of dreams! No matter what devastation has happened in their life and no matter how bad their circumstances seem around them, God wants to bring their situation back to life so that it may become beautiful once again! -Eowyn