JUST BELIEVE - Physical Album (Pre-Order)

JUST BELIEVE - Physical Album (Pre-Order)

  1. Hero (feat. Tom Bailey)

  2. Drenched

  3. Who Says?

  4. Believe

  5. Safety

  6. Set Free (feat. Nikko Custodio)

  7. Powerful

  8. Worth

  9. Crazy

  10. Fully Alive

  11. Closer

  12. I Want You to Know (to my husband)


**Pre-orders will ship December 3rd

** International orders that contain both a pre-order album purchase as well as other merchandise will be shipped out together in ONE ORDER on December 3rd, 2018.

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Just Believe is Eowyn's 6th album which she calls more of an alternative/pop style then past albums. ‚ÄúThis was supposed to be my acoustic album, but it obviously came out a little differently. I just kept hunting for music that felt like it represented where I am today, and lyrics that told not only my story, but others around me. I feel this album does just that! It's odd to say, but I feel it's also my worship album. Even when I was writing sometimes desperate lyrics, I felt like God was reminding me just how big he is and how every aspect of my life is in his hands. I am meant to glorify and worship HIM and JUST BELIEVE!  I pray this album challenges the listener to believe GOD even in the difficult moments. Believe who He says he is in his word and believe that he is more than powerful enough to make a way where there seems to be no way! Believe also in who he has created you to be. You have so much worth in his eyes! JUST BELIEVE IT!