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Eowyn is an independent artist who’s style has been described as raw, honest and as unique as her name. Musically, she is most often classified as industrial rock, although her current release, JUST BELIEVE is an alternative style.

In Eowyn’s own words: “This was supposed to be my acoustic album, but it obviously came out a little differently. I just kept hunting for music that felt like it represented where I am today, and lyrics that told not only my story, but others around me. I feel this album does just that!

Although my style has changed up just a bit for this album, my ministry never will. I do it all to offer hope to those who are struggling and point them to the ultimate hope… Jesus Christ.

I put out my first album at 19, and now as I’m releasing my 6th, I realize that in every album God has shown me a little bit more of himself and a little more of who He wants me to be! I pray that anyone who listens to my music will truly feel God’s love in the midst of anything they may be facing!”